Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oct. 13th Spending (if you were dyslexic it would be Halloween)

Total spent...$42.68 on groceries. We are severly behind this week.

Thank you for all the comments yesterday. If you want the pattern just send me an email to Simplelivingdiva (at) live (dot) com and I'll send you the pattern back.

The temperature has plumetted here, I actually had frost on my windshield this morning! Not cool! The only up side is that it's soup weather! I'm so excited to make my taco soup tonight!!! So yummy!!!

I went to the gym yesterday! Yay!!! I lifted arms and ran for like 15 minutes, so it wasn't much but at least I went. I'm planning on doing cardio to do today, which I'm going to need after joining my coworkers on their weekly whopper Wednesday exscursion. I think they all were in extreme shock because I never eat out, and I never eat fast food.

6/15 NSD

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Brooke said...

lol! you sound like me. i got mcdonalds and brought it back from lunch and i had someone comment on how surprising it was to see me with a mickey dees bag :)

i'm going to steal your taco soup recipe. its been rainy here for a while so i'm excited about some soup! have you ever tried to freeze it? i like making double batches of soup to freeze for lunches.