Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oct. 14th Spending

Total spent...$0! Woohoo!!! ( My whopper purchase was with random change lying around my desk.)

So I think we might be in the middle (or possibly beginning) of a Nor'easter. The high for the next few days are in the 40's *brrr* and it has been raining none stop all day with no end in sight. Very dreary. I think it calls for my busy butt to say home tonight and clean. I have been going nonstop for over a week now and at least need to do a load of laundry and vacuum. If I feel really ambitious I might even bake something...I've been in the mode for something sweet.

My first day of cardio was a success yesterday! I alternated walking and running for a total of 4.5 miles in 50 minutes. I thought I was going to die... gotta start somewhere though, right? The one thing that I always hate about cardio is that my face turns bright red almost immediately after starting and doesn't lighten up for what seems like hours later. I can shower and it'll still be bright red. Think about the worst sunburn you've had, and a couple of shades and that's my face! It's bad.

It wasn't all bad since Oprah was focused on Taylor Swift yesterday, and I absolutely adore her. She's so real and down to Earth. I only hope that she stays that way as she grows up.

Oh, and I made another payment on my student loans! Knocked that baby down another $250! Plus, I'll be getting some money from hubby in the next few days, so that will bring me 3k! Can't wait to see that number at zero!!!

7/15 NSD


Brooke said...

your pace is about an 11 minute mile - not bad at all!! :)

and i'm the same about being redfaced. the upside is that i don't have to reapply makeup after working out at lunch

Live Simply- Live Well said...

i get red also, no biggie!

congrats on getting the loan payment down. Yall are getting close, and that is a great feeling!!!