Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oct. 12th Spending - and mitten pics

Total spent...$3.05.

While I was home I promised my little bro I would make a beanie for him, so I had to pick up yarn for that, and some for hubby too because he wants one too. I also got a few other supplies for another project that I'm going to try my hand at. I've gotten bit by the crafty bug I guess. I used up the remaining balance on my gift card which is why my total is so low.

Quick question: I'm looking for buttons for a project, any ideas where to get them for cheap? I haven't seen any at garage sales...

Well, as I promised yesterday, here's a picture of my mittens!

They are a far cry from perfect, and since they were my first pair, I followed the directions on sizing so they are a bit big on me. Hubby said they would make nice hot mitts though. Silly boy. I think if I used a smaller gauge hook, and actually focused on how many stitches I was making instead of talking they would be a lot better.

Hold me to it, I'm going to the gym tonight. I don't care if a monsoon come through, I have to drag my sorry A there. Hubby and I also have to go grocery shopping because we're pretty much out of everything I eat.

6/15 NSD


Frugalchick said...

The mittens look great!

Brooke said...

how cool! :) i think they looks great too.

elena-lu said...

oh i do too since i can only knit scarves at the moment :P and even some of those turn out a little wonky!!

The Lost Goat said...

Cuteness mittens. Any chance I could get the pattern?

Anonymous said...

The mittens are absolutely adorable!!! :)

How many buttons are you looking for? I have lots of buttons! lol! Have you checked ebay? Thrift stores? Freecycle?