Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning Part 4 (The Living Room)

Ahh the living room, or family room, or den. The nice thing with living in a condo is that there is only one room. Of course a formal room may not get as 'dirty' as your every day room, but when it comes to Spring cleaning, it doesn't matter. Every book must come down and every knickknack moved.

*I would also consider including hallways and foyers with the living*

The Living Room

Just like the bathroom, dining room, and kitchen a quick tidy will make your job go that much quicker. Gather together all your cleaning supplies and let's go!

1. Dust. As if you didn't see that coming. Why clean anything else if the dust from the corners of the ceiling is going to make a mess everywhere? Make sure to get the ceilings and all the corners of the wall and all the wall art. Don't forget the ceiling fan if you have one!

2. Lamps. Whether they are overhead, or an accent lamp, wipe them down. You may even like to use the vacuum for assistance.

3. Windows and doors. Take down all the curtains to launder and wipe down the blinds. Clean the window well and sill, and wash the windows both inside and out and screens. Wipe down both the inside and outside of the door as well. While you're there shake out and clean the door mats.

4. Furniture. Most vacuums have this wonderful attachment that is great for upholstery. Remove the cushions, check for any lost items that may have found a new home in the crevices, and vacuum away. Don't forget to do the cushions and pillows before you put them back. If you have any stains, now's the time to treat them.

5. Bookshelves. Remove ALL the books and knickknacks and start cleaning. During a typical week if you're like me you'll just wipe down the part that's sticking out because if it's full of books it isn't getting dusty, right? You can include the DVD shelf too. Don't forget to dust down the books too!

6. End and coffee tables. Remove any knickknacks and pictures and dust/polish away. Don't forget to clean the knickknacks/pictures!

7. Entertainment Center. Like the previous two, remove everything you can, and dust it down. Be extra careful with the electronics. If you have a can-of-air, you can use that to clean the electronics, if not use an ever so slightly damp cloth and be careful.

8. Carpet/rugs. Vacuum. Don't forget that this is Spring cleaning so the furniture has to be moved, so it might be the time to call in for extra help. Evaluate if a shampoo may be needed, or just miner spot treatments.

9. Check yet another room or rooms off your list!

(Our utility closet is located off our living room, so I also cleaned my air filter. If you have one don't forget to clean it, or replace it!)

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