Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning Part 3 (The Kitchen)

Ok, so cleaning the kitchen may be one of the most put off task EVER! We've only lived here a little over 6 months and I was dreading it. Since I've already done the bathroom and the dining room, it is time to tackle the kitchen.

The Kitchen

Just like before do your basic clean up, make sure all the dishes are washed and put away, put everything back in it's proper place so you don't have clutter in your way as you clean.

1. Dust. Yup, starting with that again. Dust the ceilings, and corners, any wall art, and the ceiling fan and light.

2. Windows. Unless you've already done them with the others, it's time to take down the drapes, wipe down the blinds, and clean the windows and windowsills.

3. Large Appliances. Personally I think the best time to clean the oven is while it's still warm. Remove the racks, spray some oven cleaner, or vinegar/water mixture, and let it sit while you clean out the fridge. Start with the freezer, empty it out and wipe it down, throw out anything that is freezer burnt and take note of what has to be used in the near future. Then do the same for the fridge. Now it's time to tackle the oven. Hopefully letting it soak and cleaning it while it's warm will make the scrubbing a little easier. Don't forget to scrub down the stove top either! As for the dishwasher, you may want to run it like normal, just completely empty. Otherwise just give it a wipe down.

4. Small Appliances. Time to wipe down the toaster, blender, food processor, coffee maker and any others you may have. Remember to unplug them BEFORE you start to clean them. Even if they are stored in a closet or on a shelf. If you take an extra minute or two after you use it to do so you don't have to worry about this step. Wipe down the microwave inside and out. If food is burnt on, or if it smells (burn popcorn seems to linger f-o-r-e-v-e-r) boil some lemon juice in it.

5. Counter tops. Wipe them down, including underneath everything that is store on it. Don't forget to wipe the backsplashes.

6. Drawers and Cabinets. Remove everything, wipe them down, and organize. Now's a great time to get rid of items that you no longer use, and random clutter that may have found it's way into the drawer.

7. Sink. If you have a garbage disposal, pour some baking soda down it, and run a citrus fruit peel to create a pleasant aroma. You can run ice cubes through it to sharpen the blades. Scrub down the sinks, and look at it shine.

8. Sweep and mop the floors. Don't forget the baseboards and hard to reach corners. Like the bathroom, do it Cinderella style and put some elbow grease into it.

9. Look at your kitchen shine!


Brooke said...

do you have a vinegar/water ratio for the oven?

i need to google that. i dripped cookie batter in my oven over Christmas and haven't cleaned it yet!

Simplelivin' said...

I normally eyeball it, but I want to say it's like 50/50. Allow the mixture plenty of time to soak the mess before you start your scrubbing.