Monday, April 12, 2010

Operation *Jiggly Bits* Week 3

Hellooo Easter candy! Not only do I have it at home, but everyone brought it into work too! Ahhh!!! It calls out my name every time I walk through the kitchen. I suck at willpower, and honestly can't tell you how many piece I've eaten each day. That may or may not have to do with the fact that I can't keep count on my fingers. The more I eat, the sooner it's gone, right?

I went on one run this week, and despite still being a little stuffed up from my cold it felt good. I also went on an hour walk, and spent 4 hours pulling weeds, which I must say is an ah-mazing leg workout!

Weight: 118lbs
Waist: 25 in.
Hips: 32.5 in.

I lost 1/2 and inch off my hips! Woohoo!!! Buh-bye love handles.

***Warning******Rant ahead***
So I want to vent for a minute and what better place then here since you can just click off the page if you don't want to read it :-)

I am really annoyed at stores and their sizing. I understand they want to make their customers feel good about themselves, but come on, making your clothes bigger and attaching a smaller size is not cool! Seriously. I have been a size 2 for most of my life (minus a few years when I gained 30 lbs, but that's another story) therefore, I can still wear pants from my early college years. So I know that I haven't changed, so it must be the clothes. I tried on a few pairs of pants/shorts/capris this weekend in my normal size and they were too big! Is a number that important to women that stores adjust their sizing? And what about the smaller woman? What are they suppose to wear? Juniors? I admit that I wear juniors occasionally, but they don't have work clothes. They have fun, trending items, but if you need something professional, what then?

Sorry, I just had to get that out. Has anyone else noticed this?


Anonymous said...


Live Simply- Live Well said...

nice work on the loss. i feel ya about the candy, 0 self control here too.

Anonymous said...

I'm a size 2 too, but I do find it depends on where you're shopping... but it would definitely be nice to have "universal" sizing... where we could just grab something and know it was gonna fit. lol!!

Brooke said...

i carry all my weight on bottom - so nope, can't sympathize. but i do have a friend who's a 0, and even at that she has trouble keeping them up