Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Already!?!?!?

Wow! I feel like I go through shock every time a new month rolls around. I guess I should just get over it, especially considering that we are a week into it already.

I'll be honest, I slacked in March. I didn't keep track of our spending nearly as well as I should have. Oops!!! But new month means I get to start over, right?

So far April has been a breeze. Let's see, we've only spent money 2 of the 6 days. Friday after church hubby's sister really wanted ice cream, so we stopped at DQ, which happens to be next to a McDonald's, and as much as I don't like to eat their food, I hadn't had dinner and was starving. I turned down ice cream for a burger! Seriously? I must have been hungry for 'real' (I use that term extremely loosely) food. Hubby's got food and ice cream, so we spent about $10 between the two places.

Then on Saturday we picked up our groceries since we wouldn't be around at all on Sunday. $41.03 later we were ready for the week. I can't wait for fresh fruits and veggies again! The local growers market will be open in less than month!!! Plus, I've started my own veggies. As of this morning almost everything has been poking through, so I can't wait!!!

I also got a slamming deal at Old Navy. For Saturday only they had their polos on sale for $5. Which is an awesome deal in it's self, plus, I had just received in the mail a coupon for $10 at each of the ON/GAP/BR stores + I can use it once online. It could potentially be worth $40. So I was able to get 2 polos (almost a $30 value) for FREE!!! Very sweet!!!

4 NSD so far for April!!!


Brooke said...

awesome deal at old navy! :) i look forward to the summer when my dad does all the work in the garden and Jay & I reap the over flow benefits!

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with you.. you know you're hungry when you're willing to eat McDonalds.. haha!! Great buys at Old Navy!! :) I'm *SOOO* excited for local produce it's embarrasing.. I bought the stuff for Salad last week and it has NO taste.. was so dissapointed. Ick!