Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mid December Updates

Wow, is it seriously halfway through the month already!?!?! Does anyone else feel this month flying by???

Work is keeping me busier than ever right now, and my free time seems to be nonexistent. Holiday parties, shopping, meetings, volunteer activities, friends... it just keeps going. The good news is that I'm not feeling overwhelmed by it all! I'm enjoying everything that's coming my way, and not stressing. I'm trying to stay focused on the fact that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, not the perfect present, or the parties, or whatever.

What I'm struggling with is that it's also a time for family, right? I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with that. Last year with spent Christmas morning and early afternoon with hubby's family, than went to my family and spent the night with them. We planned on doing the same this year, but my mom's side of the family is getting together Christmas day where she grew up (which is about an hour and a half from where they live). I really want to see them, especially since my aunt live a few states away and only comes home a few times a year and my grandmother is getting older. I feel like our Christmas will be spent on the road though. It's almost 1/2 hour down to hubby's family, than an hour and a half up to my mom's side, than an hour and a half to my parents. My mom really wants us to go, and even went as far as having my aunt change meal time from noon to 4:30, so that we would be able to make it. I guess if that's our biggest problem than we're doing alright. :-)

A few of you asked what I'm planning on doing with the extra $40 a week. I put $20 into my retirement account. Hopefully that will help bump me up enough so I'll have enough to open an IRA in 2010. The other $20 will temporarily go towards our car fund, and then will roll into our house fund when we purchase a new (to us) car.

I also just want to say how bless I am to have my hubby. I had to work on Saturday, and he knew there where things I wanted done around the house...like vaccuming and the dishes and such, so not only did he clean for me, but he also made homemade chocolate chip cookies! :-) Mmm. I'm so blessed!!!

I'm hoping to have a post by the end of the week singing praise on being debt free...so keep an eye out... :-)


Brooke said...

he cleans and cooks? holy cow!! :)

jay and i were hoping to fund a roth ira this year, but that $$$ is headed towards the house downpayment now.

Live Simply- Live Well said...

that was so sweet!

yea for almost being debt free! Keep going!