Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Cheer and Updates

This past weekend was spent doing lots of Christmas-y funness. Friday night we went to a Christmas parade in town. We got free tea/coffee and candy while we waited for the tree lighting, which was super nice. Then we met up with some friends, and were able to watch the parade from the second floor of one of the buildings.

Then, on Saturday night we had a Christmas party with the group I volunteer with. It's such a fun group of people and we did a white elephant exchange, which I'm sure you know how crazy they can be. The committee gave all of the volunteer leaders a present of a $25 visa gift card! Schweeeet! Plus, we got our first snow! It was beautiful! I turned on some Christmas music and made some pizzelles for the party.

The nice part about being so busy is that we aren't spending money. Woohoo!!! Plus, my days seem to be flying, I mean FLYING by! At this rate, it's going to be Christmas, like, um, say tomorrow. It stinks though that I've been working late, and have to work weekends.

Oh, and I got my raise!!! Woohoo!!! I'll be earning an extra $3,000/year! It's not a lot considering new responsibilities I've taken on, but it's something, so I'm not complaining. It breaks down to me bring home about 40 extra dollars a week.


Live Simply- Live Well said...

congrats on the raise!! That is awesome!!!

Brooke said...

busy and still not spending money? awesome. it seems all my activities cost - spent $10 on the grocery store to make a dish to take to this weekend's party...then there is the $20 dirty santa gift.

me in millions said...

Yay raises! Any increase is a good increase. :)

Serendipity said...

Congrats on your raise! Any increase is a good increase as me in millions said. Yes! :)

Money Funk said...

Congrats on the raise! Have you determined where you are allocating that extra $40 a week?

Glad you are having fun with those great holiday festivities. :) Gotta love the season!

So, what did you get in the white elephant exchange? Ugly sweater with a snowman plastered in the front? LOL