Friday, October 9, 2009

Oct. 8th Spending

Total spent...$23.29 on lunch and a haircut.

Hubby has been doing so well not spending and I'm the one who blows today. Okay, maybe not blows exactly. I had lunch planned with 2 friends which was a blast, and then after work I finally decided to make the effort and get my hair cut. It has been since the end of February *cringe*. It's just a trim to reshape, although I think she took a bit much off of my bangs. They are freakishly short, I just like the longer look of them swept to the side and they are all basically one length. Oh well, they'll grow back in a few weeks.

We're going to be away, again, this weekend. We're visiting my parents, and there just happens to be an estate sale up the road, so my mom and I might try to check that out. I've never been to one, but she used to go all the time. It could be fun.

And on Sunday I'm working! Woohoo for extra income! I'm thinking that basically any free chunks of time over the next few weeks will be spent working there...hello Christmas money!

Have an awesome weekend!

5/15 NSD

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