Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oct. 6th Spending

Total spent...$0!

October's proving to be a good month so far! :-)

It has come to my attention the past few days how it's becoming harder and harder to live simple (and cheaper) lifestyles. Obviously when our parents were our age they didn't have to worry about cell phones and the internet and video games etc. But even in the past few years I have noticed a huge difference. Well, the change has been slight that the difference from year to year isn't that noticeable, but when you look back it is! My brother sent me a picture text from his iPhone, to my little 1 inch by 1 inch screen on my non camera phone. Anyone who has seen the iPhone (okay, who hasn't seen one) knows how clear and crisp the pictures are, and how big the screen is. I remember not to long ago when I was in college and I got my first phone that had a color screen! It was a huge deal! It may have been 16-bit, super grainy, but it was color! Having that raises the price. You can't just have minutes, you have to add texting, and a multimedia plan so you can send your pictures, and pay for internet usage. I guess I am old-fashion and like my phone to just be a phone. I have a camera, I have a MP3 player, I have a laptop, I just need a phone. My contract is up and I am currently searching for a new phone, and every single last one has a camera on it now. I found myself comparing the different megapixels and zooms before I caught myself! It's just way to easy to get caught up in it.

Cable is doing the same thing. We received a letter in the mail stating that a few of the stations were switching to digital and in order to keep them we needed to upgrade to a digital package. I enjoy the History channel, and Lifetime, but I'm sorry, I'm not paying an extra $30. You used to be able to watch TV for free with an antena. Now you need to pay for cable or satalite service, or have purchased a box. Things keep getting more and more complex, and they make it seem like they are doing you a favor by offering better services, when really they are just making more money.

Sorry for the little (okay, fine, long) rant. :-)

4/15 NSD


me in millions said...

The biggest price differtial is the cost between attending college and your starting salary. Back in the "old days" when our parents were in school, college cost sooo much less and people made sooo much more with a degree. Now, notsomuch.

Brooke said...

the display on my cell went dead this weekend (ps - never stick your phone in your bra if you'll be sweating) and so i've been living in the 80s for the past week. i can call out, and receive calls. but i can't text, access my phone book, or even see if my battery is going low!