Sunday, August 2, 2009

LSM Wrap up! Weekend Spending

Friday total spent...$0!!! Woohoo! Which means we ended the month under our $400 budget!

Saturday total spent...$21.xx on dinner out and $19 on sunscreen for Florida. We also will be getting a $3 rebate on the sunscreen.

Sunday total spent...$7.28 at CVS.

This weekend was a blur of funness! We had a cookout with friends and made some new ones. I went for a walk with an old friend and had a terrific time catching up. We went out to eat since we are now out of the no spend month, and hubby really wanted pizza. We aren't going grocery shopping this week since we leave on Wednesday, so we opted out of running to the store just for pizza supplies (we all know we would have found other items we 'needed' for the next 2 days), and ran across the street to this cute pizza shop and Rite Aid just happens to be next door for the sunscreen!

Sunday we had huriffic thunderstorms and made for a nice day to stay inside and clean, clean, clean! Oh, and finish my book so I can start a new one in Florida!!! I started packing, and it's going to be bad. I wanted to bring a tank top for each day (7), but before I knew it I had 10! Tanks are small, and I could easily squeeze in a few extras, but I'm afraid that's going to happen with everything! So much for packing light and simple. Any suggestions on how to cut back? I've always been an over packer, I just don't want to be stuck without something.

I should be posting my goals soon... July wasn't too bad. :-)

How was your weekend?


Brooke said...

hurrah for the limited speeding under budget!! :)

hurrah for finish a book!

hurrah for vacation :)

Serendipity said...

I try to plan outfits for 4-5 days with items I can mix and match. I try anyways. Lol.