Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aug 3rd spending...or Lack of

Total spent...$0! Woohoo!!!

So tomorrow is the big day...we leave for vaca! I am going to try and avoid the internet since I tend to be a slave to it, so I will be back in a week! I'm looking forward to relaxing and having fun in the sun. Not mention time with family.

We have a change jar which got cashed in to be our vacation 'fun' money. It's amazing how it adds up because hubby and I each have about $100 to play with. Our plane tickets have already been paid for, we are staying with relatives, and we are spliting the expense of the rental, so it *should* be a fairly inexpensive week.

Florida here we come!!!


Serendipity said...

How exciting! Have fun and take some pics. :) We'll miss you.

Brooke said...

have a great time!!! :)

negative_net_worth said...

Have fun!!!

Canadian Saver said...

Have a lot of fun in Florida!

Frugalchick said...

Have fun!