Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 7 of LMS - July 7th

Total Spent...$0! Yay for no spend days!!!

Actually it was better than a no spend day, because hubby tutored his first kid, so we made money. Yesterday was also our 2 year anniversary! I can't believe that we've been married for over 2 years now! Boy does time fly. So here's a question to all you other newly weddings (you can use that up till 5 years I heard), do you get asked ALL the time when you are going to have kids? We got asked occasionally in our first year, but have been getting it more and more. We want to have kids, and if I found out tomorrow I was pregnant, I'd be thrilled, but we're not ready to make a point to have one. I want to be able to stay home, which means a drastic cut in our income. While we'd be able to live exclusively off of hubby's salary, it wouldn't leave much left over for saving or debt repayment. I would to be able to work part-time from home, but who knows how that will work, or how much it would bring in. Sorry for the extremely long tangent with absolutely nothing to do with pf, fitness or simple living.

I'm going for a walk on my favorite 'trail' after work with a friend who I am in desperate need of catching up. It's a paved walking/biking trail along a river in the woods and its gorgeous. It's just under six miles out and back, and while I don't know if we will cover all of it, it's a great walk!

Starting: $280.92
Ending: $280.92


Brooke said...

happy anniversary!! :)

and as a matter of fact i got asked about kids this morning. [eye roll]

Frugalchick said...

Lol, yes, we've been married for almost 4 years and constantly get asked when we'll have kids.

negative_net_worth said...

Happy Anniversary!

We've been married a bit longer than you, but still fall under your "newly married" definition. People generally don't ask us when we're going to have kids. I think it's because where we live, people generally are older first-time parents.

Congrats on a no spending day! I was going for number 3 in a row over here, but I overslept and had to buy lunch!