Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 8 of LSM - July 8th

Total spent...$0! Keep 'em coming!

I came close, I will admit to buying some Rita's water ice, but alas, the store I went to is closed down, with no others nearby. I walked 5 miles with my friend and had a great time catching up, then I went to visit another friend and her new baby. So cute! He's less than a week old, and soooo tiny!

It's so weird to sign into my bank account and not see any activity, except for the auto-withdraws occasionally. It's nice not seeing my balance drop throughout the week. Hubby got paid yesterday for his part-time gig over the summer, and got a sweet little bonus with it. I don't feel too comfortable putting down extra payments on my loans until after summer when hubby is on a normal pay period again. Hopefully we'll have a nice amount saved up to slack on it.

Oh, and today is my 26th birthday...I'm now closer to thirty than I am to twenty!

Starting: $280.93
Ending: $280.93


Rochelle said...

Happy Birthday! Mine's next month and I'm realllllly close to 40. Can we trade- hehehe!

Brooke said...


and i know what you mean - jay never has a regular income, so we always stack up money before paying anything down.

Sunflowers said...

Happy Birthday! :) I'll be 26 in a few months... man, does time fly.

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it is a good one!

negative_net_worth said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Live Simply- Live Well said...

happy birthday!!!
have fun. it sure is brave of you to do your lsm during your bday month.

Frugalchick said...

Happy birthday!!

Simplelivin' said...

Thank you all!!! :-)

Serendipity said...

I'm a little late here but happy birthday!