Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June Recap and July Goals

Better late then never, right?

June Goals Revisited:

1. Completely pay off hubby's school loan! DONE!!!!

2. Purge at least one item a day. It's de-clutter time! DONE!!!

3. Workout 3-4 times/week. One time being swimming. Oops! Big time FAIL!!! My excuse for missing the swimming is because of the crappy weather, but working out just went completely wayward. Unless of course playing the Wii counts...then I worked out like everyday!

4. Wear sunscreen when I'm laying out. DONE!!! Well, this is never completely done, but I forced myself to lather up every time I laid out!

5. Buy more local/organic produce. DONE!!! I guess. How do you measure it? I did go to the farmer's market, and I also made some purchases at the grocery store that said locally grown. I've increased our organic purchases too...including yogurt!

6. Finish at least 2 books and start working on my magazine pile(s). DONE!!! I'm not sure how many books I read, but I know I just had hubby return 2 yesterday, so I know that has been accomplished, as well as finishing 2 magazines!

Okay, so I guess this month wasn't as bad as I thought, just with my fitness.

We tightened our budget for June to pay off hubby's loan, which we did (YAY!), but we weren't able to stay within our parameters. Luckily hubby earned some side money, so even though we went over our actual budget, we came out on top.

Under by:
Electric $13
Supplies $19.50
Clothes $10

Over by:
Groceries $12
Entertainment $67.25 - beach
Misc $36
Gas $30


July Goals:

1. Limit spending and stay under $400 for the month.

2. Finish 3 books and keep moving through the magazine pile.

3. Continue purging and get another bag ready for Goodwill.

4. Change the oil in my car!!!

5. Make plans and follow through with hanging out with 4 friends.

6. Sit down with hubby and make a plan for how/what we want to save when we get out of debt. How much we want to save for a house, a car, fun etc.

7. Incorporate more organic/local foods into our diet.

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