Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 22 of LSM: July 22nd Spending

Total spent..$0!!! Woohoo!!!

Can I just say how proud I have been of hubby this month? He is a guy constantly on the go, but for most of this month he hasn't worked and has been going stir crazy. He can't even stay home sick one day without wanting to go out! He has been doing so great this month with not spending even with little to do. He has been creative in finding ways to spend his day, and has resulting in him making a lot more dinners and desserts. :-)

We both have birthday money and gift cards and are looking for a few things for our up coming trip to Florida, so we will be hitting up the outlets this evening. We are limited in the amount we have to spend, so I know the damage won't be too bad, but I'm hoping we can keep it to a minimum. I'm sure there is a ton of fall/back-to-school sales, so summer items should be clearance. Here's to getting some good find!

Also, my tomato plants have flowers!!! I don't know how long they take to become edible tomatoes, I'm just praying it won't happen while we are in Florida. I will try to remember to post pictures of them soon!

Starting: $124.56

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Brooke said...

hurrah for a hubby that cooks!! :)

hopefully some of your other readers know about tomato plants. i'm clueless. sorry!!