Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 21 of LSM: July 21st

Total spent... $3.xx

Hubby has a super soft spot for coffee, especially when it comes to Starbucks. Since they had the promotion going on yesterday for a free pastry with the purchase of a drink, he felt that it was the day to buy a drink. He said it was quite enjoyable at the time, but when he looked up the nutritional info on it and found out with just the drink and pastry we was out 750 calories for the day! Wow! I wonder how many people consume them on a daily basis and have to clue how much they are taking in for 'breakfast'.

We had dinner over at his brother and sister-in-laws place last night, so since he's home all day hubby whipped up an awesome batch of carrot cake muffins! They were amazing!!! Last night was a total blast, and it made me realize how much we don't them, and how much I want to change that. We spent some time talking about our up coming Florida trip (2 weeks from today!!!) and none of us can't wait. We will be sharing a room since it seems like every time we talk to mom more and more people are coming down and are squeezing into the house. It will be interesting, that's for sure. Can't beat free logging, although if it gets to be too much, I said I wouldn't mind sleeping on a raft in the pool! Lol.

Oh, and you might notice that I now added a feed burner to the top on the page per a request. So now you can get my post straight to your inbox! (I think that's how it works?).

Starting: $127.56
Ending: $124.56?

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Brooke said...

i got a starbucks giftcard as a birthday gift and was shocked when i looked up the nutritional info!!