Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 23 of LSM: July 23rd

Total Spent...hmm let me do some adding...

$12.59 on food + $21.09 on gas + $33 I spent on clothes + $50 hubby spent on clothes for a total of $116.58. Whew!

Hubby's clothes were with his birthday money from my parents, and mine was on a gift card that I've had for a super long time now. With that being said, we only spent $33.68 of our pre-budgeted monies.

If we wanted to be hard core we could have packed a dinner before we left on our shopping excursion, but sometimes it's nice to just go out and have fun. While hubby still had half a tank left, we will be going hiking tomorrow which will eat up most of his remaining gas. Since it was so cheap where we were, it made sense to fill up now and save a few cents! Hopefully the couple we are hiking with will chip in a few bucks for gas, especially since we drove that last time too.

Sadly, I didn't take pictures of my finds, but I got a super cute strapless top from Ann Taylor for $8, and a pair of white Bermuda shorts and a green button-up sleeveless blouse from Banana for $35 minus a $10 coupon I had. Not too shabby since all together they would retail at about $135! I really wanted to get a sundress or two, but not such luck. :-( I was also very disappointed at the Gap, because it tends to be my fave store with too much to choose from. It's always a tough decision what to buy, and what to put back. They recently remodeled and now have a bigger children's section, leaving their women's about half the original size! What's up with that!?!??! Oh well.

I am looking forward to a laid back restful night, so we can wake up early and hit the trails! I'm praying for nice weather and that I'll be able to snap a few great shots. If we end up at the same place there will be tons and tons of waterfalls! Yay!!!

Starting: $124.56
Ending: $90.88


Brooke said...

the hike sounds like fun. maybe we'll get a few pictures from it?

and i'm super impressed with your ann taylor find! normally $40 is the cheapest thing i can find on the sale racks there!!

Serendipity said...

Have A Good Weekend! It sounds so restful. :)