Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 14 of LSM: July 14th

Total spent...$1.38 on water ice.

I went walking with a friend, and then out to Rita's and bought I kid's size water ice. I love getting kid sizes! Not only are they cheaper, but less calories too! Not that water ice is all that bad for you. I feel bad for any of you who don't have one is my fave, but I had key lime and Alex's lemonade last night and it was oh so good!

Technically hubby spent money yesterday, but it was money my parents gave him for his b-day, so it doesn't count. He wants to buying some new Wii games, but decided to rent them first to see if they are worth it. The one game he came home with yesterday was The Big Brain Academy. OMG! I think I'm addicted to a video game! It's so bad. I spend the 2 hours before I met my friend playing it! It's gets you thinking and is good exercise for your head, but staring at a TV for 2 hours isn't. I need help. I have 2 new books from the library that I can't wait to dive into, and all I can do is see if I can count if there's more red or blue balls going into the bucket. Hopefully he takes it back soon!

Also, my MIL is having a yard sale this weekend that we are helping with, so I'm trying to gather together some more stuff that hasn't gone to Goodwill and see if we can make a few bucks. I don't have big hopes, but it would be nice if we can make a little.

Today marks the halfway point for the month, and we have more than half our money left!!! Yay!

Starting: $210.41
Ending: $209.03

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Brooke said...

congrats :) you're doing great.