Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 15 of LSM: July 15th

Total spent...$0! Yay!!!!

Yup, it was that boring of a day. Hubby played tennis with a friend, so I lounged poolside. I really wanted to get in and swim a few laps, but my book was so good that I couldn't put it down. When I finally reached my boiling point, I realized how late it was and I still had to make dinner before hubby got home, so no swimming for me. My tomato plants are huge, okay, one of them is really tall, the other is trying to spread out every where. Neither of them have buds yet, and that's starting to worry me. I'd really like to get at least one tomato this year! I also have been trying to root some basil, and it's working!!! I have 3 different ones, and they are all growing at least a little something! Lastly, I stole (is it stealing if they give it too you?) some mint from my mom, so I'm hoping the third time is the charm and they don't die on me. I'll get some pictures as soon as I can find my camera chord on my messy dresser.

Starting: $209.03
Ending: $209.03

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Brooke said...

sounds like a great day! :)