Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Spending: June 18th-21th

Thursday was a no spend! Yay!!!

Friday was our date night. Hubby wound up playing tennis longer than expected with a friend, so after dinner we went to Bruster's for some ice cream. I had a coupon, 2 waffle cones for $6. Anyone who has had their waffle cones know how ginormous they are! I stopped myself from excess buying when I went shoe shopping after lunch with a gal from work. Four stores and I didn't buy a single thing. :-) Very proud of my self control.

Saturday brought on an awesome round of yard sales! While it started raining a little before 9 and cut my shopping short I was sure proud of my lute! I was able to get 3 wicker basket for $1 each. I put a piece of fabric in each and now they store my unmentionables. :-) I also got 2 little baskets for $1 for my plants, a key/mail holder for $2 and the two board games for $3, for a grand total of $9! Schweet!

I also picked up a two-drawer wooden filing cabinet for $10, but no picture since it's been raining and I don't feel like dragging it out of my back seat.

Sunday I spent $44 on gas, and $33.32 on groceries. I forgot to get salad, so I have to swing by and pick it up tonight. We are heading to the beach on Wednesday, so we had to buy accordingly. We are providing dinner for 7 people on Wednesday night, so that's more the 3 times the amount I'm used to feeding! I hope I have enough! So I will be MIA from Wednesday thru Saturday.

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Brooke said...

i have an old clue game at my parents house that i keep meaning to dig up. looks like you got some good deals