Saturday, June 20, 2009

Decluttering week 3 (13th-20th)

I'm not sure if this is a good trait to have, or a very, very bad one, but I am the queen of fitting tons of stuff into a place where there's not a ton of room. When it comes to packing for road trips and such I am in high demand! I get it from my dad. He would always be in charge of packing our car for vacation and I guess all the times of my sitting and watching him paid off. That's when it's a blessing. It becomes a curse when the small space is my closet. If I had a super tiny closet, or had to share a smaller sized one it could be considered something favorable, but not so much when I can walk into it. So my decluttering project became a week long process as I tackled the dreaded closet!

First I tackled the hanging clothing and got rid of an old polo...from high school!
I also purged an old sweater that was too big for me from day one.
Even though I had gotten rid of most of my purses last time, I still had an abundance of little black ones, so out this guy went.
I guess black is my go to color because I have four, count them, four duffle/tote bags that are all black! The one on the bottom was torn in so many places (maybe because I've had it since the early 90's???) it can't even be used! Not sure why I even still have it...
I went through a hat phase...I look horrible in hats!
Another left over item from the last purge. Not sure why this belt didn't go when the rest did.
When I was a lifeguard we also had to take shifts helping in the snack bar. As per law our heads had to be covered, so I bought an abundant stock of bandanna's so I would always have one and an extra for anyone who forgot. Not sure if I should toss them into a rag bag, or if anyone has any craft ideas for them...
Ribbons! I would tie them in my hair but they've been in the bottom of a bag, in the back corner of my closet for too long now.
The sad thing is when I go through my closet again in another six months or so, I'm sure I'm going to find even more stuff that makes me wonder why I'm keeping it!

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Frugalchick said...

I am constantly going through my closet and am always amazed at what I left in there after the last clean-out. I think I get a bit more ruthless every time.