Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend spend: May 29-30th

Friday night was relaxing, productive, and quasi expensive. ;-)

I stopped at the store on my way home from work to pick up dirt, umm I mean potting soil, and a trough pot to plant the veggie plants we will be getting from hubby's mom. They were out of pots, but I bought the soil, dropping $8. I filled the one pot I had gotten from the yard sale so I could place the pepper and tomato plant a coworker had given me in the ground. They are tiny, but I'm hoping they grow up soon!

After I finished that, for some crazy reason I decided to tackle the linen closet! It was a mess and a pain to try and find anything.

The towels are refolded and not just tossed in, same with the sheets. I would love to get those cute little canvas or wicker baskets to toss similar items in to keep it organized, but alas that cost money, so I improvised and used an old shoe box. It may not look as pretty, but it works in keeping things together and knowing where to look for something instead of knocking over everything on the shelf to find something.

Then, hubby suggested we take a walk, and of coursed I agreed...little did I know that his 'walk' consisted of us walking to his car to get to the sports store(s). He was a man on a mission for a tent. We have both wanted one for awhile (him longer than me), and since he's trying to plan an overnight trip with some of his boys in a few weekends, he decided now was the time. They were on sale, and after what seemed like hours of searching and comparing and climbing into ones set up, we agreed on one! One that set us back $54. It's a really nice tent that I like, it's a 4 person so there's plenty of room, the 'roof' is high enough that I can kneel and not feel like it's caving in on me, and it packs up small enough for hubby to pack it into his backpack. :-)

Saturday I only spent $3 at the farmer's market on lettuce and sugar peas. They had so much that I wanted to buy, but I used some self restraint. I took a 5 mile hike with a friend I haven't seen in a long time and got caught up on life, and then hubby and I went to an impromptu game night. Funny driver's side headlight has been out for over a month and I had my brother pick up a new one for me last weekend. Well, we didn't get around to changing yet, and when we went to leave the party my other light was out! I'm glad hubby was with me because I probably would have freaked. Luckily my high beams still worked (how does that work anyways?), and we only live a few miles down the road. I have never heard of both headlights going out though, have you?

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