Friday, May 22, 2009

Personal Responsiblity

I just read an interesting article by fivecentnickel on Personal Responsibility.

He got quite a discussion going, but in essences he said that change starts with us.
“The point here is simple: before we can expect others to act in a certain way, we need to be sure that we’re behaving appropriately ourselves.”

It is so easy to pass blame on to someone else. Growing up I would blame my brothers if the trash was overflowing and they didn't take it out. I had 2 legs and could have easily done it myself, but it was easier to complain about it than do anything. Now it's just on a bigger scale. "They gave me the credit card, it's not my fault the interest rates are exorbitantly high." No, but it is your fault that you 1) signed up for the card and 2) charged so much that you couldn't pay it off every month.

I totally agree with Nickle that personal responsibility has fallen wayward. Heck, I see it every day at work with people not cleaning up after themselves, or replacing items that they have used. People don't understand that every action has a reaction. I'm just as guilty as the next person. I went through college on loans, and now have to pay them back. I could complain about them, and blame the government for charging too much for tuition, or I can grin and bare it and pay it off as soon as possible. The choice is mine.

What do you think? Are we lacking personal responsibility? Do we expect everything to be handed to us?


Dawn said...

I don't think that we are lacking in personal responsibility or that we expect everything to be handed to us, but I do think that people (myself included) are very focused on their own little worlds. They drop trash and don't think about how that makes the neighborhood look, they curse at other drivers - forgetting when they have made their own driving mistakes, they blame others for everything wrong with the world, without looking to see how they can fix it. The internet and global travel was supposed to make us feel more a part of the big picture - more connected. I don't see that happening at all though, in fact, I think it has gotten even worse.

Brooke said...

i think a lack of personal responsbilty that got us in this mess with the economy.

people think they "deserve" to be given things. but you don't truly deserve anything unless you earn it!