Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 19th Spending

Total spent...$38 on gas!

It has gone up almost $.30 since I last filled up, and I am not liking the cost. Oh well, I guess we were lucky that it dipped into the $1 range and didn't stay at $4.

I hit up the gym after work to lift my arms and do cardio. I decided to switch things up a bit and instead of using dumbbells, I used the cable machine. My arms aren't exactly thanking me today. ;-)

I then went to a meeting and came home and crashed! Pretty boring day. This week is dragging on...I just want it to be the weekend, especially since it's a 3 day one! Friday night and Saturday will be busy with wedding festivities, and Sunday is a picnic at my parents house, so I'm glad we have Monday just to chill.

I may be bad tonight and go shopping. My mom sent me a text last night to let me know that Kohl's has a sale on there Bermuda shorts, and I have been looking for some. Kohl's can be hit or miss for me since I'm not big enough to wear women's clothes, but I'm to curvy to wear juniors. So we'll see.

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