Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 20th Spending

Total spent...$51.19 on clothes. :-(

I was bad. I have been bitten by the shopping bug and it's not a good thing. I lack cute classy summer clothes. My tops consist of 'wife beater' like tanks for Old Navy or halter tops. My dresses are from high school except for 2, and I only have one real pair of shorts. That doesn't justify my spending, and doesn't mean that I didn't feel guilty dropping $30 on a dress, but c'mon it's cute! It'll be easy to dress it up, or wear it causal. I also did get a pair of Bermuda shorts for $15. They look funny on here, but they are like a chocolate brown and super comfy.

I then headed over to a consignment shop where I got a cute dressy brown top for $5! Woohoo!!! They are always so hit or miss, and I'm not liking the one I was at right now...almost all their tank tops were listed at $10! I'm sorry, but I can get new ones for the same price if not cheaper! I'd like to say that I'm done shopping for awhile, but I still need a few items, so we'll see. Maybe I should modify our budget for a little.

I need to make a t0-do list for this weekend because I have a ton I have to do/pack, and don't want to forget anything. Especially sewing the straps on my dress! I'm excited for this weekend, but I'm going to be glad when it's Sunday evening and I can crash. So glad to have Monday off!!! :-)

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