Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last week of April Spending

Since work is super busy, which makes the rest of life crazy I decided to roll all my spending for the week into one post.

Friday was a no spend day :-)

Saturday I traveled hope for a bachelorette party, and I met up with an old friend prior to the party. Total...$32.88
$4 - smoothie
$7.63 - party fun
$11 - dinner
$10.25 - baseball game

Sunday we registered for a free 60 day pass to BJ's and spent $50 there. $20 of it was on toilet paper which we haven't bought since the last time we were in a wholesale warehouse over a year ago. We then spent $29.58 on groceries.
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were all no spend days :-) Yay!!!

Thursday we spend $1.49 at CVS. Hubby has a flex plan, and the money expired on 4/30, so we went on a mini shopping spree to use it all up before it vanished. The only thing we got that wasn't covered was cotton balls.

I can't believe that it's May already!!! This year is a third over already!

The nice thing about being out of the office is that I'm at a table, so when there are no customers (which is like 50% of the day) I get to read, or do crossword puzzles, or play solitaire... quite the life. The 'bad' part is that the place I'm at also has a food spread out for most of the day and they are always offering me some, not good for my waistline!


Brooke said...

we have a flex spending plan here too and i love it.

Serendipity said...

I love having me time to do little things like that. glad ur back :)