Monday, May 4, 2009

1st Weekend Fun in May

I spent most of the weekend at my parents since we had a bunch of family stuff going on, and hubby was working.

Friday night hubby and I had a date night and went to Maggie Moo's for some yummy cold stone ice cream. I normally get kid's size stuff when we go out, so we decide to get a regular and split it. It saved us calories and money! Total spent...$4.25.

Saturday morning we went to the gym and then swung by Target so hubby could pick up a couple of shirts. Total spent...$6.99.
Hubby left for work, and after straightening up the place and doing a little reading I went to my parents for my brother's graduation dinner. Dinner was excellent and I was able to talk a little finance, and share with my fam that we were going to have all our student loans paid off by the end of this year! :-) We ended the night with a movie and cake and ice cream. We rented Slumdog Millionaire, but apparently Blockbuster's bluerays don't work half the time so we watch Wall E instead. It was cute. :-)

Sunday was a huge party for my great-aunt. She's 91 and just as active as the next person, her older sister is the same. I can only pray I will be like that too! They had a slide show of old pictures, so we got to see our grandmother when she was younger and even a few shots of our grandfather! He died when I was 4 and she when I was 11.
The only spending was hubby for gas.

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Frugalchick said...

Sounds like you had a really great weekend!