Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 6th Spending

Total spent...$155.xx. Hubby had to get fitted for a tux for his best friends wedding that's a month away. We were talking about the 2 weddings in May and how much they will put a dent in our savings/debt payment.

These are very conservative payments:

Apparel: $300
Bachelor(ette) Parties: $100 ($50 each)
Shower: $100
Gifts: $100 ($50 each)

That's $600 already! Ouch! That doesn't include the gas spent driving to all the different wedding festivities ( the one is like 50 miles away), or the accessories like shoes and hair clips, alterations and such. Both weddings are pulling out all the stops, and I'm not sure if I feel right only giving $50 for the gift. It's a once in a lifetime day, and I respect that, but $600 is a lot of money! I think what else makes it hurt is that we kept ours very simple and low key and they didn't have to pay near that amount for us. Everyone was just out of college (a few were still in college) and didn't have a lot, and we respected that. Now that everyone is working it is just assumed that we all have the money to drop. Sorry for the babble.

Night is gym night! I'm dealing with girly problems, so I dont' know how much cardio I will do, but I am definately lifting my arms. Also, as you may have noticed, I didn't do meals this week. Since hubby is on Spring break he is doing them again :-) Yay!


Brooke said...

weddings can be so expensive! surely they'll understand how much you're giving...even if its not represented in the gift.

(personally, i wouldn't spend $50 on a friend. but then again i'm cheap)

Dawn said...

Spend what you are comfortable with. You want to enjoy the day with your friends, not be sitting there thinking about how expensive it all was. You are shelling out a lot already, $50 is perfectly acceptable for a gift, in my opinion. You can always leverage it though - look for something in their registry that is on sale. A $25 coupon or sale could score you a $62 gift for the $50. If possible, shop early for the best deals.

california dreaming said...

I am going through the exact same thing! I just went today to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress - I'm in 2 in May and one in August and they do get really expensive. I had to adjust our budget for the
next two months because of the same things. Hopefully the attitude is gratefulness at the two of you being able to spend the day celebrating their love and not on the monetary gifts

Simplelivin' said...

Thank you all for your encouragement! You're right, it is about sharing the special day with them than the money spent.

Frugalchick said...

I also look for registry items that are on sale, or even buy it somewhere else for a cheaper price and let the first store know it's been taken care of. If my budget allows it, I simply get my friend more for the money that way. If mu budget is tight, I can still get her something she really wants, but at a less inflated price.

Simplelivin' said...

@Frugalchick - That's a great idea too! Thanks!