Monday, April 6, 2009

April 5th Spending

Total spent...$47.52 on groceries. Still under the $50 budget, yay!!!

We went shopping this week at Wegman's and didn't use any coupons. Okay, that last was a lie because as we were checking out I saw gum and realize I had a coupon for a free pack, so I used that, but it wasn't planned and it was free, so it was like it never happened. :-) Since hubby is on Spring break this week and I worked all day Saturday, he took the liberty of putting together a shopping list and creating the meals for the week. We totally switched rolls at the store, and I pushed the cart while he checked off the list and yes, kept track of the total! I was quick proud of him. We were able to stock up on 5 pounds of chicken, and plenty of produce for the week.
Side note:
I need to look to see when the local farmers market opens on Saturday mornings around here.

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! When we got home we packed a lunch and headed to the park. We hiked down to the river and halfway through eating one of hubby's friends called to see if we wanted to play doubles with him and his girlfriend. We immediately agreed and headed home to get our rackets and go to another park. We played tennis, trac ball, and hung out for like 3 hours and I am happy to announce that my nose and cheeks are a cute shade of pink :-) (I know skin cancer, but I'm a sun lover.) But after all of that and my long day of working on Saturday I crashed.


Rochelle said...

How fun! I also was out on Sunday and got a little burn on my cheeks and nose and I use moisturizer with spf28!

Simplelivin' said...

Yup! I can't wait until Spring is out full force!