Friday, April 17, 2009

April 16th Spending

Total spent...$1.75 on junk. Seriously.

Hubby was walking about Easter candy and how it should be on sale now that it's after Easter. I told him that Monday was the best day because everything is going to be gone by now. Well, he decided he was going to go to Walgreen's to see, so of course I had to go along too. There wasn't much left at all, but they did have nerds, one of my fave's and with 75% off they were only $0.16! Did we need them? No, but hey why not buy them now while they are cheap. They also had old fashion cream soda on sale that hubby wanted, so that was our big expense yesterday.

Yesterday was total gorgeous and in the 60's like promised! When I got home from work I changed into shorts and a tee and hit the streets. I was doing well until about 3/4 of a mile in and I saw it. The hugest hill ever. Seriously. This thing went like straight up. I decided to grin and bare it, it wasn't until I was almost at the top that I realized I was no longer running. I'm not sure what happened, but I guess my paced slowed and I walking it out. I walked a little further and then started to run again. According to mapmyrun, I covered about 2.5 miles in 25 minutes. I guess that's not too bad for my first time hitting the streets. I have to find a new route to avoid that killer hill and be able to run the whole way.

In financial matters, I had a huge revelation yesterday. I was driving home from work with the windows down and music off enjoying God's beautiful creation. I will take back roads any day over highways if I can. I'm such a country gal. Well I don't know how it is in your area, but on my 4 mile drive home I past about 5 houses for sale. Actually that's true for pretty much where ever I go. It got me thinking about owning home and all that fun stuff. We have a decent chunk saved up for a down payment that would probably be close to being enough for 20% down in a lot of places, but wouldn't even touch 10% around here, so we are still a long ways off. Save for it was pretty much put to a stop when we got in debt payment mode. We were lucky enough to lock most of it in a CD right before the interest rates plummeted, but still had some in normal savings just in case we needed it. It was then that I realized that we have enough in savings to pay off all of our debt if we wanted too! My mind started racing and I couldn't wait to get home to talk things out with hubby. That's the nice thing about sharing finances, I don't have to worry about doing something rash because I have someone to keep the check and balances.
Anyway, after talking things over we figured out that we should be able to have hubby's students loans paid off by the beginning of summer! So keep an eye out in June for when that top side bar is at zero hopefully!!!

We will see! TGIF! It's suppose to stay nice all weekend, so I'm hoping to get some time in the sun. Happy Friday everyone!

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Brooke said...

congrats! :)

first off a 10 minute mile is very good! :)

and awesome news about getting the debts paid off!