Monday, April 20, 2009

April 17 and 18th Spending

Total spent on Friday the 17th...$13.xx on food. Since hubby and I can both bring a guest to our gym at no cost, we decided to make it a date with one of his best friends and fiance. Seeing that they both want to get into shape for their wedding in 3 weeks, it was a great time to catch up and work out. I was planning on doing cardio, but only did a little since the girl wanted to get her arms in shape. So I got another arm work out in for the week. :-) We spent over 2 hours there and driving home at 8pm neither hubby or I felt like making dinner. We pasted a Qdoba and he pulled in. At least we also got lunch for Saturday out of it. :-)

On Saturday I spent $17.21 on more food. A friend of mine had a Tastfully Simple party, and I always feel obligated to buy something at those things. I have been trying to make more of an effort to be social and not go to those things just because I don't feel like it, so I went! It was fun and we got to taste a ton of yummy food, and I was proud of myself for narrowing it down to buying only 2 items. Most of the items I was eying could be purchased at most stores or I could make myself. Sure it would be a little more time consuming, but paying $8 for chocolate chip cookie mix?

Oh, and did I happen to mention how gorgeous it was on Saturday? It was in the 70's!!! I had some time to sit on the balconey and read (I just finished my 3 books this month!) and got tan line on my legs! Yay!

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