Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 15th Spending

Total spent...$0. Well technically I mail our tax payments, so it's not completely a no spend day, but it was never really our money, it's the governments. I won't say how much it was, but it was definitely less than most people I know.

Last night was my brothers concert, so my parents and other brother came down to go to it. It was great seeing them again, even though it's only been days since we last saw them. The concert started a little after 8, but we were told that it filled up quickly, so get there early. Well, when they finally opened the doors (2 minutes before it was suppose to start!) we found out why. The concert hall was super tiny. I was used to the one in the old building, but I guess this is more of a recital hall, so it only has sitting for about 150-200. They put on a great show, but it ran so late. I am amazed at the talent of some of those young men, although I have to ask, what does one do with a major in guitar? My brother plays as a hobby, and was the only student who wasn't a music major to make the ensemble, but what do this kids plan on doing when they graduate?

On a positive note the sun is out!!! Finally! I had to scrape my windows this morning because they were covered in frost, but it's suppose to reach 60 today, and the sun is suppose to come out of hibernation all weekend! With that, I am skipping the gym today and running outside. Being that we moved into our place in September, I haven't really been able to make a running route, so I will be playing on map my run and seeing how my run today goes. Wish me luck!


Serendipity said...

Good luck!

Just Me said...

Hey... so I know I totally suck, but I put the almonds in the mail today. I was going to do it yesterday but decided the post office was probably a mad house.. I really hope you enjoy :)

Simplelivin' said...