Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 17th Spending

Total spent...$33. $28 on gas for hubby, and $5 of fun for me.

We hit up the gym after work, and since we both were having a lazy day, we just walked to treadmill. It gave us plenty of time to talk though, which was nice. His dad does out taxes, so we are hoping to do them this weekend. We both claim 0, so even with hubby's subcontracting pay over the summer, we should be getting money back. We figured out that we'll need about $850 to cover our Florida trip, which will come from our tax refund...hopefully.

I am going to a concert tonight which is what the $5 was for. It's a benefit concert so it goes straight to the cause, Philabundance. It's in town at a bar that I've never heard of before, so I'm wondering if it's new, or if it's just been that long since I've been out on the town. A band from my old church is the opening act, and I know they have a lot of groupies, so I'm hoping to see a bunch of old friends, although the middle of the week might kill that. Oh well, it should be fun!

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Anonymous said...

Not too much spending for a day. Good job!