Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Purging Day 6

The de-clutter month challenge has been going on for almost a week now, but it's never to late to join in! Check out the first post and join the fun!

Don't forget to check out Serendipity and Moving on Up! To see how they are doing in the challenge!

Ok, so I'm not sure why the picture loaded sideways, but whatever. You get the idea that it's a bunch of junk. I have a few boxes on top of my dresser for jewelery or little hair clips, or buttons, or other random stuff. Apparently it has gotten pretty bad. I even had the little contact len contain that the eye doctor gives you when you first get your contacts because it was small and would fit in my purse. Was in it my purse? No. Have I used it in the past like 5 years? No! Not only did I clean out the boxes, but I also found $40!!! Pretty sweet huh?

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A Life Story of a Blue Eyed Mom said...

God knows what I'll find in my stuff when I start cleaning :) Enjoy ur $40 :)