Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 6th Spending

Total Spent... $0! 1 week into the month and already 3 NSD!!!

I heard some sad new on the news today. Well, it's not exactly sad depending on how you look at it. Apparently the cost for barrels of oil is rising, which means increased gas prices. Now $2/gal. is nothing compared to what we paid over the summer, but it's still more than what we're paying now. My budget wanted the prices to keep going down, but my head knew that it was bad news for the economy if it did. I guess I just wanted it to stay level for awhile, not quickly jumping back to higher cost. I guess well just sit and see what happens.

We didn't get to the gym yesterday, and I'm blaming it on the weather. It didn't get too bad, but something about driving in possible icy conditions during rush hour doesn't seem pleasing to me. Hopefully tonight we'll go.

I also scheduled payments for hubby's student loan, and for our car savings, so the sidebars should be changing soon :-) I was looking at the sheet I drew up for payment plans on the loan, and I realized that if we keep doing what we're doing hubby's loan will be half paid off at the end of next month!!! Yay!!!


A Life Story of a Blue Eyed Mom said...

Congratulations on paying your H's loan down :) Good job :) and keep up the great effort!

I read the news about gas prices. I'm not too happy. I liked the prices we were paying last week and few weeks before that :( Sad sad :(Hopefully it won't go too much up!

Simplelivin' said...

Thanks Blue Eyed Mom! :-) I'm hoping it won't go up much either.