Sunday, January 25, 2009

Purging Day 24 and 25

Yesterday was a crazy day, so I didn't get to post.
My 24th item purged was my first digital camera. It was fantastic when I got it for the Christmas of 2003. It had a large (ha!) screen for viewing and was the slimmest of it's kind. It also was a whooping 3.1 megapixels! It has been living in the box of my new camera since the summer of 2007...almost 2 years! Hubby also has a digital, plus we have a DSLR, so it's not like we need it as a backup.

Do you think anyone would want it? It's missing a screw, so sometimes it doesn't turn on. Goodwill it? Or find a place that recycles electronics?

Today I'm clearing out my old cell phones! Sadly I think I have another one or two in my car (no really sure why). Look at how old the one in the middle its! it's crazy!!! Yes, I have an addiction to Nokia (the only brand phone I'll ever buy), and yes I have 2 of the same phone. Actually I had 3, but I'm not sure where the 3rd is...maybe *gasp* I actually got rid of it! I sat on it and cracked the LCD screen like a month after I got it. I really liked it, and a girl I worked with had just gotten a new phone so she gave me hers. Well we had different phone providers, so it didn't work, so I ended up buying one off of ebay.

I heard about a website that buys old cellphones, but I don't remeber what it is. Anyone know? If not my father-in-laws church collects them to raise money, so I'll probably give them to him.

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