Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 23rd and 24th Spending

Total spent on the 23rd...$0! Yay!

It was a lazy Friday for us, which was good on our wallet :-)

Total spent on the 24th...$$16.10.

$4.50 on library fees and rentals, and $11.60 for hubby's science class.
We had a busy morning running the errands above and going to the gym :-) Even though I didn't feel like working out (I'm still sore from my 5.5 miles) I did just over 3 miles on the elliptical.

My best friend and her hubby came down last night and we had a blast! We don't see them very often, but when we do it's so worth the months in between. As you know, I'm a game geek, and they brought a game that made it's way onto my want list. It's called Sequence and is a card/board game.

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