Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 9th Spending

Total Spent...$7.38.

We had to pick up some last minute thing for our dinner. I don't car what people say, you will end up spending more money on food the more times you have to run to the store. Those who can get away with shopping monthly are my heroes! We walked in on a mission, quickly grabbed what we needed an headed to the check out. The only obstacle was a display of goldfish. Have I mentioned that goldfish are one of my favorites? I know they aren't that great for you, but it could be worse, right? Well they were on sale 10/$10! Normally if they go on sale it's 3/$5, so 10/10 is a great deal. I caved and bought one.
We had an awesome night though catching up with our friends. They graduated college with hubby, so plenty of time spent reminiscing.

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JACLYN said...

That is a great deal on the goldfish crackers! I love the baby and pretzel flavors. :)