Saturday, January 10, 2009

Purging Day 10

We finally decided to take down our tree :-( Sad, because I love Christmas and all the decorations. We pulled out the storage tote for the ornaments and hubby started to take them off the tree while I tried to match up what ornament went in what box and tried to fit everything in. That's when I realized that there were a bunch in there that we never put up. Mostly because I would be utterly embarrassed to have them on my tree. Either I had made them back in grade school, or they were falling apart or aunt so-and-so had given them to me a million years ago and they had never been touched. So we tossed 'em! A few made it to the Goodwill bag, but most are in our trash. De-cluttering doesn't always have pertain to our everyday life. It will make life so much simpler next year when we pull out the tote and all the ornaments are neatly in it (and they all fit!).

Do you still have your tree up? Christmas decorations?

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