Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Coming to a Close

Can you believe that in less than 48 hours (well now it's less then 24) 2008 will be nothing but memories? I'm not one to journal, so no matter how strong my memory is, things being to fade and something that may have stood out to me at the time is now lost amongst the millions and billions of other memories in my mind. In 2009 I am going to look back each month and make a most memorable post. I may not be my favorite memory, but it's what marks the month.

Here's what I remember most from each month in 2008:

January: Tearing ligaments in my ankle and being on crutches most of the month
February: Going out to dinner to a super fancy restaurant for V-day
March: Spending a week in SC for hubby's potential new job
April: ?
May: Weekend at the cabin with my 3 bestest and their boys
June: Spending a week at the beach with my family
July: Celebrations (Anniversary and both our b-days)
August: Hubby getting a job
September: Moving (cleaning and packing, and unpacking)
October: Renovations at work, changing my work hours to 730-330
November: A wonderful, crazy Thanksgiving with 27 family members
December: Crazy weather, mid 60's one day and snowing the next.

Is it bad that I can't remember April at all?

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