Monday, June 7, 2010

May Recap

I hate how all I post any more are my goals. I also hate the excuse of being busy. We're all busy. Life happens. Maybe that's my problem. I'm busy, but just with everyday boring stuff, or house stuff, which I'm holding off posting anything on.

1. De-clutter AMAP!
I have about 2 grocery bags full of stuff aka clothes to get rid of. I think when it comes to packing I'm going to be picky about what I pack up, and what I ship off. No point in pulling everything out of my closet right? The clothes I got rid of this month are things that I either put on, and decided I don't want/don't fit any more, or are constantly in the way when I look through my drawers, so I might as well let them move on.

2. Run 4x's and do at least one form of exercise (Wii Fit, 30 Day Shred, long walk etc.) a week. So I went running 3 times this month! Couldn't even hack 1 a week. I think I should just say that I'm finished with running. Maybe it'll come back to me, but as of now I'll go on an occassional run, but nothing to serious. I kicked butt in alternative workouts though! Yay!

3. Apply to school. Like I mentioned in my midmonth update, I received and acceptance letter, so I should be signing up for a class, maybe two starting in July.

4. Change Gym Membership to $10/months. Not yet. Still haven't had time to go to the gym and cancel. We are planning on going to the gym tomorrow, so *crosses fingers* we will and I can reduce that expense.

5. Make time for friends. Like I said in my mid-month recap, I've had a few 'girl dates'. :-) I even had a spontaneous beach trip with a friend this weekend!

6. Work on photography. Nope. We went to New York this past week and got some awesome shots (please remind me to post some if I don't do it soon), but that's June.

7. Stay level-headed with the house buying processes. I'm getting excited! We should be closing a just a few weeks!!! Inspection went well, so I think it's safe to get excited now. :-)

So that's me right now. :-)

I not making goals for June because we are already a week into it, I'm on vaca for a week, and we will be signing papers for our house and doing all that house stuff.


Brooke said...

buying a house is exciting stuff!! :) great news about the inspection.

Live Simply- Live Well said...

so exciting about the house stuff!!! caint wait to see pics.

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Anonymous said...

we‘re so proud of you!............................................................