Friday, January 29, 2010

On Your Marks, Get Set, GO!

So I decided to start training for the race! Yay! I love having something to motivate me. Otherwise I might decide not to go to the gym, and be lazy and sit on the couch all day.

I headed straight to the gym after work yesterday since hubby wasn't getting home until late, and I knew that if I went home I wouldn't be leaving again. Aside a random workout here and there, I haven't really run in a couple of months. I decided I was going to be ambitious and aim to do 5 miles (half the race) in about an hour. I figured if I even if I had to walk the entire thing, at least I could do it in just over an hour.
My adrenaline was pumping before my sneaks even hit the rubber! I decided to start off with walking 2 minutes, and then run for 3. Again, I had plans to switch this around as soon as I couldn't hack it anymore. Off I went. Between, HGTV, Oprah, and the local news I kept myself entertained and the miles just flew by. Okay, maybe not exactly flew... The first 2 miles weren't bad, mile 3 was kicking my butt, but I decided to push to do 4 miles before changing things around. I hit mile 4 at the 45 minute mark and switched to walking 3 and running 2. I switch back to walking 2, running 3 when I hit the 5 miles and completed, 5.5 miles in just over an hour! Woohoo!!!

I feel pretty good today, except for my hips are a little achy. I guess they aren't used to all the impact.

On the financial front, I bought gas yesterday, and hubby went out to dinner with friends, but aside from that, this has been a no spend week. :-) Yay!!!

I'm meeting up with an old friend tonight to catch up. I can't wait!!! I love to hear what's going on in others lives, I just wish our schedules allowed us to hang out more.

As long as we don't get hit with a snowstorm this weekend (they claim it's going to stay south of us, but you never know), hubby and I, and possible one of my besties and her hubby are going to head out to Cabella's this weekend! I've never been to one, but I have heard amazing things about it!

Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!!!

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Brooke said...

you signed up for a 10 miler? good for you!! :) sounds like you were keeping a great pace - i average 5 miles in an hour with no walking breaks. the walking usually kills your pace, but yours didn't. you must have been killing it when you were running. good job!!