Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Christmas Time!!!! Ahhh!!!

Thanksgiving/Fall decorations are officially over, and it is now Christmas time!!!

I am bringing back the childhood awe of this time of year. As a kid it always seemed like something magical was taking place. Seemingly over night lights popped up everywhere and decorations, and just an over all joyous atmosphere. Now, I have to admit that I have this ability to only see and hear what I want to, especially when I was little. So I'm sure it wasn't this perfect fairly tale land, but to me it seemed like it. As I got older, I began to experience that shopping side. I enjoyed being able to shop and not feel guilty. I would walk around the mall with my arms loaded down with bags filled with gifts for my family and best friends. Then I became an adult. I didn't have Christmas cookies unless I took the time to bake them. The apartment wasn't decorated unless we went out and bought stuff and put it up. And finding time to shop while juggling a full time job definitely took away the thrill and fun. I would run around last minute trying to figure out gifts. Calling my little brothers to see if they had any ideas what we could get mom and dad...they were still in high school and college so their budget was like $10, I was now the one with the job, so I would pick up the slack. Then came getting married and shopping for TWO families. And figuring out how to spend time with TWO families.

Well, I'm announcing today that I am bringing my 'fantasy' Christmas back. It IS going to be a joyous time. It ISN'T going to be a stressful time. I am going to relax and have fun. I am going to enjoy the time with family, and the time with friends. Christmas time is whatever we make it. If we decide to get stressed out and overwhelmed by what we 'have' to do, then it will be miserable and stressful. If we decide to relax, and look at it through a child's eye again, then it will be fun and enjoyable.

If you are like me, your weekends are probably already filled with Christmas parties and other holiday happenings. I am going to enjoy them this year. I'm not going to feel obligated to attend. Or stressed because I have to bring something and it takes up time. I am going to have fun. I'm going to spread my Christmas cheer to everyone else too! I'm going to take time to do the things I enjoy, like baking cookies and making homemade gifts. I'm going to soak up time with my family and friends, and cherish the memories being made. I am going to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus' birth. He came to save us. It's not about the lights, or the presents, or the food, it's about a baby who was born over 2000 years ago. (Yes, I realize that it's not actually his birth day, but it's a representation, and the time that we celebrate it.)

I am done getting caught up in the commercialization of Christmas. (I hope). I'm counting on you guys to hold me to it, okay?

On that note, I went shopping on Black Friday. Yup. Brother, Hubby and I ventured out at Midnight to check out the outlets nearby, and ended up turning around and heading home it was so bad. Mom and I went out around 8 and it was fine. We were actually surprised at the lack of crowds in the mall. I guess everyone hit up the early sales. I got a few presents, and I bought some clothes for me. Oops. I can justify the one sweater from Banana because it's going to me my Christmas outfit.

Whew! Okay, back to work since it's busy time!!!

Hope y'all have a great break and holiday!!!


Brooke said...

i'll hold you to it if you return the favor!

Live Simply- Live Well said...

love the outlook. I need to adopt that from you. I tend to be be humbug this time of year. So keep posting about it because I will need the encouragement.