Monday, September 28, 2009

Sept. 25th-27th Spending

Friday was a NSD! Woohoo!!!
We had a great evening staying in and watching He Just Not That Into You...great movie by the way!

Saturday was a super busy day, running here there and everywhere. I spent $2 for brand new cloth napkins with holders at a yard sale. Then we spent $12 at Panera and $14 at the movies with hubby's bro and SIL. Total for Saturday...$28.

Sunday's the day that made us losers. We no longer can reach our goal of 18 NSD's. :-( All because we needed groceries, which set us back $39.45. I did however, find a dime in the parking lot!

Our vacuum has been acting up the past few weeks and the red warning light has been blinking. I've taken it apart and have cleaned everything and it still wouldn't work, so I past it on to hubby. He worked his magic and I was able to vacuum everything Saturday morning. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING! I love the feeling of dust free baseboards and the sight of the 'clean' lines in the carpet. It looks so nice that hubby keeps saying, let's keep it clean. Believe me, I plan on it! But we'll see when life takes over.

14/18 NSD

$0.10/$69.38 EM

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Brooke said...

its so hard to put cleaning ahead of fun stuff. glad that he got it fixed and you don't have to shell out $$$ for a new one