Friday, September 25, 2009

Sept. 24th Spending

Total spent...$0!!! Yay for another day!!!

I went off on another cleaning spree yesterday. I was away 2 weekends ago and still had my bag at the foot of the bed and stuff everywhere! Add that to the 3 dry racks full of clothes from last weekend, and a full load in the washer waiting to be wash, a sink full of dishes and just a bunch of odds and ends.

I've learned that the easy way to keep clutter at bay is to make sure that everything has a home. Otherwise things pile up and just get moved from place to place.
I need to listen to my own advice, but if something doesn't have a place you have two choices: 1- create a permanent home for it, or 2-get rid of it. Don't move it from the kitchen counter, to the dining room table, to the bottom of the stairs, to your dresser, back down to the kitchen.

Looks like I have a fairly busy weekend ahead of me, well at least my Saturday, so I won't have to worry about weekend cleaning. :-)

Have a great weekend!!!

13/18 NSD

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Brooke said...

the bottom of the stairs is my dropping place for jay's crap. the stairs lead up to the man room where he's required to keep all of the crap that he wants to keep that really needs thrown away.

(I sound like such a hard ass don't I? Trust me I'm not)