Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aug. 19th Spending

Total spent...umm $32.xx on groceries. See what happens when we get out of our routine and don't have a meal plan for the week! Grrr!!!

It wasn't all just for us though, I had a party last night, so I bought extra food for that. It was a jewelry party, so I'm able to purchase some free items, and some at half price. Schweet! I'll be sure to post some pictures in a few weeks of what I decide on. As of now I'm looking at getting close to $150 worth of free jewelry, so going over a little in groceries isn't bothering me to much. :-)

After a crazy hot and humid week the clouds (or rather fog) has rolled in. It's still super muggy out, but it looks as if it may rain at any moment.

Hubby started back to school today with a teacher in service. The sad part is that it means summer is officially over. :-( The good part is that he will be getting a regular paycheck again and we can make progress on pay off my loan and saving!!! Woohoo!!!


Brooke said...

w00t! on the regular paycheck again :)

sounds like you're jewelry party was a success!

Serendipity said...

I love regular paychecks. :) And what kind of jewelery party did you have? I attended a Lia Sophia party awhile back.