Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Spending: July 10th-12th

Friday and Saturday were no spend days! Yay!!!

We took a trip up to my parents for the weekend, so there was no need to spend money. I was able to change my oil, wash my car, and visit with my best friends from high school too! It was a super laid back, restful weekend that was much needed.

Total spent on Sunday...$58.51, $33.51 on groceries and $25 on gas.

This week marks the halfway point...and we still have over half the money left. I think we can totally do it. Hubby and I both have plans with friends this week, so it may wind up in a bit of spending, but hopefully not too much!

On a side note...
I work in a few small office, so we are responsible for keeping it clean and such. I noticed that the girl's room was starting to look a little used, and since I haven't cleaned in awhile took it upon myself to wipe everything down. I don't use conventional cleaning products at home, I just use household products like baking soda and vinegar, and I guess my lungs have forgotten how bad chemicals burn because I was practically gagging with the fumes! I couldn't believe how strong they were! It's funny how everyone associates that horrid smell with being cleaning. Ugg.

Starting: $277.92
Ending: $219.41

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Brooke said...

congrats on your two no-spend days. it must feel pretty good to get to the half way point! :)