Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 1st Spending - Day 1 of the Limited Spending Challenge

Total spent...$0! Woohoo!!!

So this challenge is called No Spend Month, but in actually should be called Limited Spending Month, because we are limiting the amount we're spending. We wouldn't be able to survive not spending because we don't have enough food stored up. So from now on I'll be calling it LSM for Limited Spending Month.

Yesterday was the first day that wasn't planned out for me in almost 2 weeks! It was great not having anything that I HAD to do. I went to the gym with hubby and ran on the treadmill. It made me realize how much I miss running, and how much it wrecks my body. Or at least my lower left half. I am in need of new running shoes, but now that we aren't spending this month I guess I'll have to wait until August. Either that or try and get my mom to buy them for me for my birthday...which just happens to be a week from today. :-)

I have a slew of post that are half started that I need to find the time to sit down and finish, including the last of my purges from last month's decluttering. I am such a slacker. Sorry. I'm been trying not to write when I'm at work, but since they are making us work tomorrow as well as Monday, I might take some time to finish them up.

Do you get time off of work for the holiday? Or is your boss a scourge like mine?

Starting amount:
Ending amount: $400


Esperanza-To Infinity and Beyond said...

I also have to work both tomorrow and Monday :( although they are putting 8 hrs in my flextime account. So I guess that okay but I would almost rather have tomorrow off. Owell=) Good Luck on your challenge..I think I'm going to try this too. Last month was out of control spending month without even planning it to be that way.
Have a great 4th!!

p.s. thanks for introducing me to small notebook that was a great post.

Brooke said...

i get tomorrow off, but i feel your pain about the post backup!!

negative_net_worth said...

Good luck with your LSM plan & thanks for stopping by NNW :) I'm looking forward to seeing how the LSM works out for you guys, maybe we'll try it too!